46/2003 Visiting Äänekoski


Rest. Making presentation from 12.00 PM to 01.30 AM...


8' cycling + 80' floorball + 7' cycling.


40' running in forest with Antti.


Mapmaking 2h. Rest day.


15' running + 5' fast + 5 x 1 min/30sec rest + 15' running.
20' running in the evening. Trying to balance my muscles.


20' running + 33' test run + 15' running. Quite good running, though
I haven't been training so well lately. Quite a lot uphill in this test, so maybe this
would be about 33min in 10000m. I got the new record in E4 test run, but young stars
didn`t lose much. I think they will have a bright future in orienteering!
35' floorball + 20' circuit + 45' floorball. It was easy to do, but
maybe not that good training, after all (all=test-run).
 Test run (HR)
Lead is running away after 1km (PHOTO)
Running alone after half-way (PHOTO)


50' football quite easy playing.
60' running  & orienteering with Minna. Test-driving Kurkocup -courses.


8:07h, 65km.