40/2003 WOC 2004 -training-camp


20' running + 27' orienteering, following Juhis' acts. Skillful
dude! Brudslöjan was a nice terrain with very good visibility. But like always
in Sweden, I miss the gray color!
90' football.
 Orienteering Brudslöjan (HR)
Football (HR)
Brudslöjan (MAP 1)
Brudslöjan (MAP 2)


48' orienteering in Rotmossen V. Typical WOC training terrain. When
running basic training speed you can run under 6min/km. I am feeling very good
at the moment.
83' running.
 Orienteering Rotmossen V (HR)
Rotmossen V (MAP 1)
Running (HR)
Rotmossen V (MAP 2)
Rotmossen V (MAP 3)


58' orienteering. Marshy and slower terrain than the first ones. I was
little bit tired.
83' football. Again.
 Orienteering (HR)
Football (HR)


52' orienteering with digital camera (shooting video clips for (example)
Eicca). Good material! Easy speed made my legs feel alive again.
15' weights etc.
 Orienteering (HR)


53' running with Jani & Jonne. Extremely light stride but high HR.
Table-tennis showed it's toughness. When Boys (Pais&Jo) gave their best that
didn't mean an easy win. Girls (Maria&Satu) were better. We were defeated by
clearly better playing girls. Illness tried to struck me aswell but I
avoided it somehow.
 Running (HR)


20' running  + 31' orienteering + 15' orienteering.  I had problems with
my ankle already in the start. It was impossible to run with orienteering shoes.
Cancelled the race before 1st control. Feeling was very good.


30' football-tricks + 20' running + 11' orienteering.  +  20' running.
Sprint was situated next to WOC 2004 -terrain and was an important race for us.
For at least to the anxious ones.
 Orienteering (HR)


10.50h, 110km.