39/2003 Competitions and towards WOC -training-camp


47' uphill-running easily + 84' football.
 Uphill (HR)
Football (HR)


39' running in Haukanniemi with Timppa.
55' football. Game + some warming-up.

 Running (HR)
Football (HR)


20' running + 20' orienteering + 15' running. This evening
competition was quite easy and I did only one little mistake. My feeling wasn't
best because of monday-tuesday. But I'm not feeling getting sick anymore.
Sometimes running a competition helps. I won 13s before Jani.

 Orienteering (HR)
Sippulanniemi (MAP)
Sippulanniemi (MAP II)




35' running in elixirSPORT -shoots.
43' running in the evening.
 Running (HR)


20' running + 44' orienteering + 15' running. Perfect day
for Pohjantähti and Pasi! Finally we won some relay and it feels very good after
severe problems. And now we have a young eager team. My own performance was very
good though my heart rate was quite low (if I could have been even faster..?). It's
nice to travel to Sweden for WOC 2004 -camp now when my motivation is still up
and physical condition is on it's top.
 Orienteering (HR)
Controls 1-7 (MAP)
Controls 7-9 (MAP)
Controls 9-11 (MAP)
Controls 11-F (MAP)


83' orienteering. Easily with Minna (talking-orienteering).
 Orienteering Skommarbo (HR)
Skommarbo (MAP 1)
Skommarbo (MAP 2)
Skommarbo (MAP 3)


8.40h, 76km.