38/2003 Tired and good performance at FC -night


85' football easily. Very tired legs.


25' running + 62' orienteering + 5' running. I was very tired because the
weekend was so tough for me. Just couldn't read the map careful enough, I just
ran and made mistakes. There were periods of good work also but I should consider
to skip tough night-o trainings when being exhausted.
 Night-O (HR)
Night-O (MAP 1)
Night-O (MAP 2)
Night-O (MAP 3)


37' cycling + 15' swimming. Active-recovery -training.
 Cycling (HR)
Swimming (HR)


70' football. Good games!
 Football (HR)


40' running in Laajavuori.
48' orienteering near Padasjoki.
 Running (HR)
Orienteering (HR)
Metsäkangas (MAP)


25' running in Vääksy with Minna. Very good feeling in legs.

Finnish Championships in night-orienteering in the evening! 20' running + 78' orienteering + 10' running. 3rd place, +2.16 behind Jani (Timppa S 2nd). Made some mistakes (1½min, 1min and about four 20-30s mistake)but I'm very happy with this! Especially because it was done without compass and this time also without control descriptions, because of hurry. (my lamp broke just 8min before start. Special thanks to the officials at the start for lending one!) More material tomorrow, now I have to get some sleep. We even had doping tests after night-o championships! Running (HR)
Night-Orienteering (HR)
FC-night K-1 (MAP)
FC-night 1-6 (MAP)
FC-night 6-9 (MAP)
FC-night 9-14 (MAP)
FC-night 14-17 (MAP)
FC-night 17-M (MAP)



8.40h, 67km. On sunday-night. At 4:17 AM..!