37/2003 Training again! FC -short & relay


41' running in Haukanniemi with Tero & Minna. Test-driving new map. I
can't say it's ready yet...
 Running + O (HR)
Map-sample, green is very nice (MAP)
Three potential control points on sight (PHOTO)


80' running. It was nice to be able to run again.
80' football. Warm-up + game. Lots of players but still high heart rate
average because of tiredness. Maybe too tough start after injury-week.
 Running (HR)
Football (HR)


35' running + 30' baseball (1½h) + 15' running. Tired.


49' running/orienteering in Haukanniemi & 10 x 70m drills. Map is better
70' football. Much more easier than on tuesday.
 Morning-training (HR)
Football (HR)


Trip to Finnish Championships.
17' running with Heikki in Tuorla.


FC -short distance in Parainen.
30' running + 22' orienteering + 20' running. Perfect job
in the qualification! One small mistake, 15s.
25' running + 26' orienteering + 15' running. Final was (again)
"made for me". I started with tough attitude to avoid stupid tiredness-thoughts because of the second start on same day. I didn't feel any significant
toughness, running was just easy! Technical end of the course made the race and
this time I could do it with no mistakes. Some wrong route choices cost a minute
and I took the most difficult controls carefully but otherwise it was just
perfect! It was SO NICE to win again. And Jonne took silver medal, aaahhh.
25' football in the evening.
 Qualification (HR)
FC -short qualification 1-3 (MAP)
FC -short qualification 3-6 (MAP)
FC -short qualification 6-11 (MAP)
FC -short final 1-3 (MAP)
FC -short final 3-5 (MAP)
FC -short final 6-12 (MAP)
It's going to be gold! (PHOTO)
Looks bad but is fast (PHOTO)
Final (HR etc.)


FC -relay in Paimio.
35' running + 56' orienteering + 10' running.
 Relay (HR - rr measuring)
FC -relay 1-10 (MAP)
FC -relay 11-18 (MAP)
FC -relay 18-21 (MAP)


11.12h, 100km.

 10 best in short distance 2003 (PHOTO)
Among the best in the future: Juha-Matti Huhtanen (PHOTO)