35/2003 FC-classic




110' running. To Ladun maja and back with Marko & Minna.
 Running (HR)


107' cycling.
30' cycling.


53' running. Short warm-up 7' + 9,4km on paths (Kunto-10 - one shortcut)
37' + warm-up 9'. Feeling was good though I had stomach-cramps. I think I am
ready for the championships. 
 Running (HR)


22' orienteering. Model-O (2,5km 16.27) in Ilvesvuori on our way to Hankasalmi
(Eikka's home). Tomorrow morning we'll drive to Juuka.
 Orienteering (HR)
Orienteering (PHOTO)


28' running + 50' orienteering + 12' running. Qualification
race wasn't good for me, made one big mistake (2½min).
 Orienteering (HR)


29' running + 108' orienteering. FC -classic final was an
unhappy event for me. I started quite well but already on my way to the 3rd
control I lost map contact and wandered towards control not-that-fast for
the last three minutes -> lost 1½ min.

Then I hit my knee into something but it recovered fast so I could carry on my race. (after the competition the doctor sewed three stitches into both wounds...) On way to the 9th control I realized that I could not read the map careful enough. Orienteering was non-fluent and I got sad. After that I made 5-6min mistakes on the last controls. Running was okay but like Björnar last year warned me; it's not always easy to be interested in the map. Now I'm going to rest for orienteering for a while. It's going to be easy because I can't even run for 10 days. Orienteering (HR)


9.20h, 73km.