34/2003 O-rally and basic-training


29' running + 15' warming-up football + 55' football.
Good playing with Antti & Jonne!

 Running before football (HR)
Football (HR)


44' running. With Antti, Marko & Mikko.
 Running (HR)


20' running + 9' running on track + 15' running. First
"official test-run" on track in two or three years. It didn't feel that bad,
but I couldn't reach the good cruising-speed (3min/km) and had time of 9.24.
Weather was little bit bad because of the heavy rain showers just before our
training. Next goal: a time under 9min. And then no football, night-o or
long-run before the training.
 3000m running (HR)
Not that fine weather (PHOTO)
Minna running 3000m 10.35 (PHOTO)


27' running. With Timo & Minna.
3' running + 33' night-o + 8' running. This time it was easier
though I once lost myself completely. I hadn't even the slightest idea of running
to that control (see the map...) and mistake was then inevitable. After that I made
quite good job. More night-training and learning about this, then it will come.
 Running (HR)
Night-O (HR)
Vesala night-O (MAP)


80' orienteering. Ilvesvuori & Horinvuori were great again (it was my 6th
training on that map, which is the best near Jyväskylä) and making mistakes seems
to be impossible anymore. Or is there some other reason for good orienteering..?
75' football. Warming-up + games.
 Orienteering (HR)


Suurajot-day. 118' orienteering + 40' running . Perfect training
 1st stage (HR)
2nd stage (HR)
3rd stage (HR)
5th stage (HR)
6th stage (HR)
8th stage (HR)
9th stage (HR)
10th stage (HR)
12th stage (HR)


 Heikki in Suurajot (PHOTO)
Kalle (PHOTO)
And Ville (PHOTO)


9.17h, 88km.