32/2003 WOC-week




15'running in the morning.
30' running+ 14' orienteering + 15' running. Sprint was not
for me this time. I just couldn't find the right routes and got really bad mood
at the end of the race and made two stupid & big mistakes. Arrgghh.
 Morning run (HR)
Sprint (HR)
Sprint (MAP 1)
Sprint (MAP 2)
Sprint (MAP 3)


Rest. Bad mood.


33' orienteering. Model event in Ils Aults. Good feeling!
 Model event (HR)


30' running + 26' orienteering + 10' running. I had great
feeling before start and chose an easy tactic for the race. Maybe I took it too
easily because on my way to the 7th control I lost my o-thinking for some 30s
and made BIG parallel mistake. After that I ran quite fast for a moment. Then I
eased my speed because of the final. One mistake could have forced me out
of the final.

25' running + 33' orienteering + 15' running. The final was just perfect race! Perfect terrain in perfect surroundings with people cheering up in sunshine. I started my race with very low speed. My idea was to have a good start in o-technical way. To the first control I lost 18s to Thierry by running. After that I started to find my pace but I was very careful still. To the fifth control I made a mistake in control-taking -phase. It took 40s and at the first intermediate I was about 16th...After that my speed got better and in the physical section (from 11th to 13th) I was almost fastest. My following performances very good enough to end up in 2nd place in the front of the audience. I cheered up and had an idea to run safely the last loop. Couldn't do so; I made a big parallel mistake on the 19th control which took 45s. I was out of medals and I COULD FEEL IN THE FOREST that now I lost something remarkable. Running in front of the audience felt fine but I wasn't tired enough in the finish. Still it was a good race and I'm satisfied. Middle Qualification (HR)
Middle Final (HR)
Middle Qualification (MAP)
Views from Trin (PHOTO)
Team between races (PHOTO)
Middle Final (MAP 1 & 3)
Middle Final (MAP 2)
Middle Final (MAP 4)


Relays. Our men were so close!


Trip to home.


4.05h, 42km. That was the highlight of this season. Now towards new

 Last 400m (PHOTO)
In good condition (PHOTO)
Happy man (PHOTO)