27/2003 In Vuokatti (Kainuu O-week)


20' running + 77' orienteering. + 21' running.
Competition -course from 1981. Winner was J.Mårtensson with 87'. I started from
2nd control (about 1,8km after real start) and had time 77'. Almost a perfect run!
Because the new map didn't cover  whole course I had to start 300m before 2nd
control. I had almost new map and control flags (Eikka organized) in forest as
well. There were some new paths to ease my running, but also a big amount of new
green areas, which is typical in Finland nowadays :(. My speed was almost the
same that Jögge had some 20 years ago.
I ran with 90% speed (avg. HR only 174) but maybe it helped me to do a clean run.
It would be interesting to see split times from that competition!
Map pieces will also appear here today. Now I have to organize training for the
participants on my training-camp!
43' running.

 Orienteering (HR)
2nd control (MAP)
Difficult area (MAP)
3rd & 2nd last controls (MAP)
Running (HR)


34' running 
30' running + 3' orienteering + 10' running. 1000m 3.07, quite okay! 4th
control was "slow one" and running under 3min became impossible for me. I looked
at the map only five times during that 3min course.

 Running (HR)
1000m 3.07 (HR)
1000m course (MAP)


120' ultimate & football.


20' warming up + 34' orienteering in Kainuu + 10' warming-up. I made a big
mistake (2min) on first control. After that it was difficult to run fast. I
finished 8th, 2.25 after Jani. I analysed my performance with Eikka in front of
80 spectators in Vuokatti. It's time to learn the basics again.
60' beachvolley (75' total).


Rest. Watching the competition.


60' cycling.
60' beachvolley.


60' working (120').
60' tennis.


12.02h. 66km. Very easy weekend, doing some new things with slow tempo.
Now I feel fast...