26/2003 In Vihanti


24' morning run with Minna. Boring and fast route (total uphill 5m, quite typical
here in Vihanti)
49' football & strength (abdomen, backs, push-ups etc). Quite good training!
52' running in the evening (accelerating the last 2min)

 Morning run (HR)
Crazy training (HR)
Running. Good final spurt (HR)


20' running + 45' orienteering (Middle Qualification in Mehtäkylä).
20' running + 35' orienteering (Middle Final in Lumikuru).
Terrains were quite demanding despite there weren't hills. Especially this "final"
in Lumikuru was quite tricky. Almost all the paths & ditches had vanished and
my Polar told that total climbing during 6km was 20m. Marsh after marsh and
some small rocky areas to tell that it's a fine rocky terrain (was it really
that nice Jomppa!?) But, two tough trainings in hot conditions. Good.

 Middle Qualification (HR)
Middle Final (HR)
Qualification (MAP)
Having break between trainings (PHOTO)
Crazy course? (MAP


Easy day.
15' running + 35' walking on marsh +15' running
25' football

 Healing legs on marsh (HR)


24' morning run
125' running. Hot conditions, strong feeling but...
MASSAGE by Tapsa came on time!

 Fast running in the morning (HR)
Long run (HR)


80' tennis (110' total). I got some terrible pain in my back in the morning
(it wasn't because of tennis)!


Orthostatic reaction -test in the morning. Program said that everything is okay.
So say my feelings too.
20' morning run, good feeling.
20' warming up + 35' orienteering + 5' running. I started
about 1min behind and caught the lead quite early. Speed was good and suddenly I
was running by myself. Couple of controls went nicely but then I checked wrong
code number (on 10th control) and lost ~1min. After that I was happy that I
didn't see anyone ahead of me. Running had felt very easy all the time and then
I started to secure the win and take everything seriously. BUT mistake came
with inevitable style, on 2nd last control and Janne V punched before me. I 
managed to catch him, but Janne was far more faster from the last control.
Embarrassing mistake and end of the competition. But I have say, that I enjoyed
the terrain and running very much so I'm not that disappointed.
Total mistakes: 2min 30sec. Too much.
30' running. Tired and toes hurt (it's difficult to run after competition
on same day. Will I have a problem in Switzerland?

 Orthostatic (HR)
Running (HR - RR)
Orienteering (HR)
Nice terrain (MAP)
This mistake cost 1150 € (MAP)
Running (HR)


6' running + 38' orienteering in Kainuu O-week, not competition.
40' football in the evening.
 Minna's perfect job (MAP)


12.42h, 120km (after saturday).