25/2003 Prima -training in Vuokatti


10' running before breakfast, easy feeling (!). Avg. HR 119.
10' running, 60m uphill.Avg.HR 123. + 58' orienteering in Vuokatti.
Very slow speed but feeling good. Orienteering wasn't perfect for us (see the
map below).
5' running + 34' orienteering in flat but fine rocky terrain,
43' running & football
 Orienteering in Vuokatti (HR)
Puoliväli (MAP, morning)
Orienteering in Vuokatti, Ketunvaara (HR)
Football (HR)
Ketunvaara (MAP, evening)


28' morning run before breakfast
15' running + 31' orienteering (Vuokatinvaara)+ 25' running.
No mistakes and good feeling but heart rate is on (too) low level. No map from
this training because it was next weekend's competition-course which I ran.
40' football

 Middle -training (HR)
Training-camp life (PHOTO)


157' running in Vuokatti (845m uphill). Great views despite cloudy weather.
Check out the map, there are some superb terrains here in Vuokatti!
In the evening we were recovering in Katinkulta (fine spa).
 Running, UKK-route (HR)
Porttivaara (MAP)
View from Vuokatinvaara (PHOTO)


Orthostatic reaction -test in the morning; message from the analysing program
was: "Good recovery / Positive training effect." Lowest heart rate was 39 and
42 when I was standing! What is the truth?
26' morning run. Easy, but still little bit slow feeling.
54' running. Spurts (50m-500m) and jogging. High speed!
 Orthostatic reaction (HR)
Running in the morning (HR)
Minna running 4.30 min / km (PHOTO)


Orthostatic reaction -test: "Good recovery / Positive training effect." Similar
to yesterday, yeah. At 10 o'clock I'll start my speed (2x2km, 2x1,5km)
25' running + 19' orienteering (2x2km: 7.47 & 7.55) + 5' running
 Orthostatic reaction (HR)
Orienteering x 2 (HR)
Vuokatin alamaasto (MAP)
Pasi running (PHOTO)
Pasi running 2 (PHOTO)




30' football
53' running  in forest, rocky terrain, and on paths (Ahonperä-map).


9.30h, 90km. Quite okay week. Not hard but still good training. Finally efficient!?