23/2003 Switzerland!


60' orienteering. First training in Switzerland, quite slow 
76' orienteering. 2nd training under thunder-storm. Wet but fun, tired in
the end.

 Orienteering 020603a (HR)
Orienteering020603b (HR)


60' orienteering. 3 times faster (from 1st to 5th, 7th to 9th and 11th to 12th)
Tired -->TOUGH.
53' practising football and running.

 Orienteering 030603 (HR)
Typical Zurich-terrain 030603
Football 030603 (HR)


150' running in the mountains, too fast speed.
60' football.

 Running 040603 (Altitude curve only)
Football 040603 (HR)
Tough & happy team (PHOTO)


75' easy orienteering, really tired.
49' training-competition with slow speed (Mats 42') + 40' warm-ups.

 Easy orienteering 050603 (HR)
Training-race 050603 (HR)


49' hard training in the morning.
40' football + practising football.

 Orienteering 060603 (HR)
Short football -game 060603 (HR)


30' middle-training + 15' warm-ups.
45' middle-training in one of the most difficult terrains in the world. Not
perfect work, tired... + 25' warm-up.

 Middle-O 070603a (HR)
Middle-O II 070603 (HR)
Middle -terrain, aaahh! (PHOTO)


100' running in the mountains (Hoch-Ybrig). PERFECT!
50' orienteering (last hard training) + 40' warming-up totally.

 Long run 080603 (HR)
Views in Switzerland, perfect? (PHOTO)
Last hard training 080603 (HR)


17h, 5200m climbing and 146km running. It's enough but as Eikka (coach)
said, is there any sense (running fast every day)???