15/2003 Resting and testing (in a race!)


10' running. Testing new shoes (Nike Air Stormy Pegasus) and they did fit like ...
socks. Rest day still.


23' morning run with Jonne & Minna
30' cycling +
15' upper body strength (summer is coming)


37' morning run with Minna +
30' cycling
177' cycling (59,3km). Jyväskylä-Hankasalmi. Reason to go to Hankasalmi was to take part
in thursday's morning training. And of course visiting Havas family. Nice!
 Cycling (HR)


33' orienteering +
10' running in the very morning (woke up at 6.30)
Half past 12 I started my trip back to JKL ->
168' cycling (60,5km). HSL-JKL. It wasn't easy weather but the wind was on my
side today. Tough, tough and tough.
 Orienteering (HR)
Cycling (HR)


50' running in the evening with Mikko, Ville H, Jomppa and Heikki. Good running!


35' running in the morning (alone). 8x10s in forest and 4x10s cliff-climbing.
Quite strange to run in Finnish forest. But I think it's not a problem to get
along in competitions.

Travelling to Turku (Kevätyönviesti) with Heikki & Jomppa. Great mood, but little bit excitement in the air! I had the first leg, first time for a long time!There were some hot runners in the first leg (Novikov, Kahelin, Louhisola etc.) and all the others were, of course, really enthuasistic (at least during two first kilometres). Novikov started with high speed and got about one minute's lead after 6th control. Soon I saw him running ahead of me but every time I looked at the map, he almost disappeared...I really had to slow down my speed to get something in my head from the map. Finally I cought him at 3rd last control and passed him with too high speed (I was closing up the 2nd last control). I lost there about 45sec? but we were in the 2nd last at the same time. I was willing to come at finish first (though there's not much use of it in relay, but maybe Heikki got some seconds to have more easier start). It was good run, but not good performance from o-technical point of view. Our team finished at 9th place after some mistakes during 3rd and 4th leg. Juha-Matti had a good last leg! Good Tiomila -performance coming up for us..!? Kevatyonviesti (HR)
Kevatyo's last six controls (MAP)


55' orienteering + 20' running. By bus to yesterday's terrain and o-training
there + running to Turku.

 Orienteering + running (HR)


12:40h. Good week!