11/2003 Good and beautiful


32´ o-training in coast terrain. About 6km. + warm-ups.
97´ walking uphill and running downhill. Good feeling.


75´ cycling + 50´hiking & orienteering.
70´ football in the evening.


99´ o-training with Minna. Quite tired feeling. Terrain was nice, again!
28´ circuit training + bath + sauna + massage. Perfect.
 LongTraining 12.3.2003


20´ city-o in some small town. Pretty boring orienteering but it was easier to
run on road this time. Good to run tough trainings like this. + 28´ warming up.
 City-O 13.03.2003


75´ orienteering in fine terrain (Peguerinos). Little bit tired afterwards.
60´ football tricks in the evening
 Peguerinos 14.3.2003


Rest. Minna and Jani won!
 Minna (also overall) Martin Kronlund -winner 15.-16.3 2003


First race 2003: XVI Martin Kronlund Trophy. The race was very easy (see the map)
but still you make little mistakes. Maybe the map wasn´t the best one but still
you need to adapt. I was 3rd and I am fully satisfied with my run. Mistakes took
55sec and problems with stomach-problems took some time also. So the speed seems
to be on quite good level still. 
26´ o-race and 37´ o-training in the evening (Peguerinos!) + 44´ running during
day. Good feeling.

 Martin Kronlund -race
Race map 16.3.2003
Pasi running in the evening 16.3.2003
Minna running in the evening 16.3


12:42h GOOD training.

 Training in Portugal & Spain
Towards better times after a good training 16.3.2003