03/2003 Training-camp in Vierumäki and pain in Hankasalmi


40' circuit (good & different training by P.Vuorinen)+
50' floorball
64' cross-country+
15' running
 Tired skiing...


Very tired feeling.
33' cross-country. In the afternoon I did some cross-country, but the weather
and the feeling were bad. I had to rest. 


100' running and hiking with snowshoes. With Jani and Mats.
30' strength+
50' floorball
 Running and walking with snowshoes


40' "divine stride" -training. In this training I tried to do one perfect step
at a time. I used 15cm stand to achieve highflying strides and it worked well.
This training is pretty boring, but I can't deny it's usefulness.+
30' warming-up.
47' floorball in the evening. Finnish A-team against Urheilukoulu. It was quite
hard playing (heart rate average 158, with stops)and I didn't play well..We won
(the skills were about the same in both teams, but we scored better)

 Divine Stride


85' rinkball in Jyväskylä
 Tired playing


TUSKA's official training! It took place in Hankasalmi and was really nice!
First we ran road for 22km (1h37min), then walking in snow, running walking
uphills and slided down with sledges, 8km (1h23min). On the halfway we had short
brake (1h36min) when we ate and rest a little bit.

After brake we had training which fit well in our ideology. Ski-orienteering on on very soft tracks, niicceee (1h20min)! After that we played rinkball and the moves were already quite slow...(30min) Finally we faced Rasti-Saimaa in floorball-game (3x20min, aaargghh!) which we won, maybe because we had some extra good players, but no replacement players of course. That was just a perfect day. Check this out!




15:43h. Running 77km.