52/2002 Almost BIG training


97' running (60%) and hiking & running in snow (40%). 14 km. Wow, I was able
to run again!
75' floorball. 7km. We will have a tournament on thursday so I had to train
a little bit. I realized that floorball is better than running for my toe
(if I'm not playing with full speed).


142' running. 28km. I had planned to jog on skiing tracks and hike in snow but...
I was too anxious to run. So I ran. My father's hiking shoes weren't exactly the
best running shoes but who cares. I ran with good speed and it did it's work
during the last five kilometres. The toe hurted only during the last two kilometres
and it wasn't that big hurt.
9' circuit in the evening.


90' hiking in snow (66%) and running (33%) on roads and paths. I did some crazy
orienteering during training. I had 25 years old map and no compass, of(f)
course. If you want to have some extra toughness, come to Vihanti and experience
the swamps and bushy marshes. Real attitude & patience.
15' circuit afterwards.


60' floorball in a tournament in Raahe. Three games and no brains. We played
quite well but it wasn't enough. Two ties and one win didn't do. The tournament
was of a high level because one team had three champion-league players and one
national team player. 20' warm-up.


90' cross-country with Minna (classic). 20km.


70' cross-country. 15km. Freezing.


140' cross-country in Ylläs. Temperature was -21 - 35 C!!!(depending on the
altitude) but it was nice still!
116' floorball +
110' volleyball. Quite tough day.


Total: 17.14h. 79km running & hiking. 65 km skiing.