37/2002 Finnish Championships in short distance and relay


Morning run 28min. Quite good feeling. In the afternoon I had to see a doc
because of my toe-injury. I also started my studies in the Faculty of Sport
and Health Sciences (Science of Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing), neat!

 Morning run


Toe is hurting. We had football-technique lesson in school. 1h 5min football.


I did one preliminary training for European Championships & WC –finals. And
because of my injury I had to make it with bike. My coach Eikka was watching
and “whipping” me up the hill. I think this training served it’s purpose.


I was running with Timo. Some short spurts on grass and swimming as well
(on September, hrrr!)


We had Pesäpallo (Baseball) in school. 2h20min (about 50min efficient training)


The Short Championships was a big goal for me. In the qualification running was
bad and I did couple of stupid mistakes as well. But in the afternoon I was back
in the form again (whew, it has been a long time when this happened…) Running
and orienteering went smoothly, hand in hand till the third last control when
I made my typical confuse-mistake. It took over two minutes and my big lead was
gone. Happily Jonne-boy took the gold!!!I was 4th, 1.21min after.
 Good (and bad) short orienteering


Our team hadn’t it’s best day and I got into forest only from 29th place! I
got my best running feeling since last WC-races in July and it felt really
good to be fast again. I had the best time on the last leg. Now I can wait for
good results from European Championships,  jiiiihaaaa!


8h. 57km running and lots of cycling.