32/2002 Project started and is heading higher


On weekend I trained nicely and on Tuesday we would leave to Switzerland for
official training-camp for the WOC 2003. Rest day would have been the best
alternative but I chose track & field –training with warm-up running before and
after training. High jump, long jump, javelin and shot put…

 Track and field


First training in Switzerland was bushy. It had also rained for several days
(floods) so it was quite slippery in one particular downhill. It wasn’t so nice
to come down because I tried to reduce my speed by crapping on rose bushes
(damn spikes…55min of Hell-Orienteering.


Morning run 12min
Second training was better. Lots of uphill and quite cold weather made it still
“not that satisfactory”. In the evening I tried to ran fast with boys but my
stomach hurt too much. It’s not good for me to make standard training in the
morning and try to run fast in the evening. O-stuff 55min and running 15min.


Morning run 15min
It was time for the first long training! My main goal during this camp was make
good long trainings with maximum climbing. This was a good start, 3h23min of
running and orienteering. Total climbing was about 1600m. After training I
remembered that there’s a race tomorrow.

 Long one


Morning training was on the worst map I have seen in Switzerland. Height levels
“threw bull’s ass all the time” as we say in Finland. It was also a downhill-
training (3,5km) with 160m uphill :-)

Aargauer 3-tage OL’s first day was our only competition during this camp. When I was running to start I thought how I am going to run today? It felt so bad. On my way to the first control I noticed that running felt almost good. So the race was easy and I did only couple of little misses and won by 1.23min before my flat-mate Jo Lakanen. Finnish flashes took about six first places in the competition though we had long, exhausting training yesterday. But the real competitions are far away. Middle one


In the morning I did some circuit to wake myself up. 10min + running.
We did one training (Buechberg) on relay-type-of-terrain before leaving
to Chur –region (heaven). In the evening we played 50min football.


It’s time to rock! What a map and what a terrain, nice! I made stupid route
choices because I often run straight but it would have been faster to go round
every time.1h20min orienteering.
In the evening we tried to play football but we didn’t get ball. Maybe
warming-up was a better choice.



I had a good week. 15:08h with 113 running kilometres.