Morning run with Jani 19min.
Yesterday’s disappointment is long gone thought. There’s a new race today!
World Cup 7, a classic distance race in Tynset. At the beginning there was a
fast moraine terrain with slippery moss (white thing on the ground that
reindeers eat...). So the first past was easy, though the speed was high.
It would be nice to know how my speed was in there (my EMIT’s battery was low
and it gave me too good intermediate times almost all the time. Pretty strange.)
and what was my speed during the rest of the course (more like typical Norwegian
orienteering, though easy). I was very tired at the end but I knew that I would
be very close to win the race. It’s a amazing feeling, on the other hand your
speed is so slow that it amuses yourself but still you know that it’s probably
enough. So I won and Finns took the three first places (Mats and Jani). What a
 World Cup domination...


O-training in one of the world’s most difficult terrains where 1:10 000 –map
looks just like 1:15 000. Incredibly detailed and quite low visibility makes
the terrain very difficult. My orienteering seems to be in great condition
because I lost only 15 seconds (I stopped twice). So it was fluent and almost
safe as well. Gives me more strength to be able to do that kind of performances.
You have to be able to trust yourself always, that’s one principal of mine.

In the evening I played football on my own. Yesterday's medalists


Morning run with Jani 23min.
World Cup relay II in the evening. The first team consist of the monday’s
three best runners so what can you have in our mind…WIN! Jani was the first
leg runner and he has been good in it. Jani came in first position closely
followed by many teams. I did my best in the forest and lost only about 20 sec.
total. Running was little bit lazy but I didn’t have hurry because we were in
the lead. I had also stomach problems so I couldn’t run with full speed. Still,
at the end I could run quite fast and gave the map to Mats in first position.
A good “ground construction” Jani & Pasi! Mats had long gaffling during the
first part of the race and he lost his lead to Petteri Muukkonen, our 2nd team,
wow!!! Boys did their tricks and the follower, Holger Hott Johansen (NOR),
couldn’t beat them. So two best places for Finland. I had this feeling that
we would take these places, but I didn’t want to believe in it because “it’s
too much for us”. Okay, I was of course happy that we took this infernal
victory once.
In the evening I played football again.
 WC -relay


Model event in Idre, Sweden. Very rocky terrain and suites me because I can
read map though rocky ground. Fluent running and fluent orienteering will be
the key things in these competitions.


A long and tough day. But how happy!!! Middle distance race with qualifications
in the morning and finals in the evening. There was exactly ten hours recovery
time for me. But it was mentally tough to sit and hit cards whole day. Or was
it? :-) I ran the qualifications well and I was 2nd losing 47 seconds to
Valentin Novikov (RUS). Though I was the first starter his time is very fast,
maybe it was too fast because the finals took place on the same day. Impressive

After the qualifications I heard a very good news: I had reached the university with a clear margin this time. 17 points over the boundary! WOW! All the worries are gone now, how light can mind be!

The FINAL: I have already won two WC-races this year now they are offering me one more. Running feels good, light and easy. I don’t do any spurts, I’ll just enjoy the lightness. Why to run fast before the race when everything is feeling good? When I arrived the start area and Forsberg (a famous speaker-man) started his hot shots with me I got little bit tensed. Crowds were near and the noise was big so I finally had to just stay and wait for start. Bang! And off I went…first control was easy but the 2nd wasn’t as easy I had thought. I waited it too early and mixed up two different places. Finally I located myself on the map and ran like fool to the control. Then I took one control with high speed and risk. After that I remembered that nothing good follows if I just trust on my luck. So back to the business; safe orienteering with high speed. Plan on the controls and after that just inevitable orienteering work. My 2nd loop was extremely fast and I was in the lead with 11 sec when leaving to the last loop. 3rd loop was longer than other loops and it visited one very detailed area. The controls were easy because the they were situated so closely to each other. Longer legs would have challenged orienteers much better. 3rd loop was almost perfect for me and I took my won by 23 seconds before Jani and Björnar. What a day. Final


Much eating and drinking (sports drinks only…) during Saturday because of the
Ultra long distance. I wrote some post cards to Finland as well. To parents and
grandparents of course.

 Yesterday's winner


I couldn’t finish the race. Good training, though. Now I’m heading for Kainuu,
Fin5 and finally to O-ringen.


10h 50min, 111,5km. And three wins!!!