26/2002 Only couple of days to WC-tour II


Entrance exams to the university (Faculty  of Sport & Health Sciences, Science
of Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing.) It was a tough day again, from 8.00
o’clock to 19.00. Swimming, orienteering (on desk only, blaah!), teaching,
rhytmics and dancing (shit…), gymnastics, skating, skiing, track & field (shot
put, 10.20m), and literary section. I can’t teach well (without training) that
was for sure, but in general, I was good in sports. I hope I’ll catch the big
fish this year and get my place in the university. After a long day I played
football with friends, and could play efficiently only for 30 min (of 60min).
Then the lazyness struck (only a good thing to happen).


Running on paths 90 min. It was nice to run alone. Just me, path and forest.
In the afternoon we played little bit football with boys. Stupid exercise and
if we are accurate these aren’t exactly trainings, I’m just having fun with
friends & ball. Though it improves me physically, too. About 30min. I’m still
feeling sick.


No training.


Warm-up running in Jyväskylä for 40 minutes. Awful feeling.
I travelled by train to Turku and WC-trip II could start!


We drove across Sweden during Friday and stopped in Mora for running.
Running was perfect for the first ten minutes, after that I was tired.
Flu just won’t give up! I just have to hope for the best. Nice views and
lots of card-playing during trip. We ran for about 40 min.


Model event in the morning. We ran together with Jani, changing the first runner
on every second control. I made one little mistake and Jani was perfect. Seems
good! Very cold weather, it has been too damn warm weather back in Finland (or
has it...?) 40 min orienteering.

We played football on saturday evening and it took the best out of Jani & Janne
(as I had planned ;-). FSO won us by one goal. Our tactics were from the a… but
it was fun to play though. And back to football-speculation: I had also tired
feeling on the following day. Still it didn’t affect my running abilities, I
just made too much mistakes as well as J’s. But the feeling wasn’t the best and
maybe that’s little reason to why I couldn’t  do the needed orienteering work.
In 1999 it was normal for me to play 90 minutes football on Friday just before
weekend with two important races. Am I getting old too or is it just Janne’s


HAAARDDD day = Morning run, 2 x sprint and warm-ups. Over 26 km running (7km MAX).

In the morning I ran in the centre of Röros, trying to adapt the competition terrain. It felt stupid again (Tampere 2001) and in my opinion the races should be held in forest or in a place no-one knows too good. That can be impossible.I enjoy park races but I don’t want to study the terrain before the race, that’s not real orienteering! Or it’s still orienteering, but where is the excitement, the real thing? The qualification race was easy for me. I had the same time with Tom Quayle and we won the heat C. I didn’t do any mistakes and I ran slowly at the end of the course, sparing some power to final. There was a big (nicely detailed) sand area near Röros. Courses reached almost to there but after a quick visit we turned back to town and running on streets.

The REAL RACE was a first disappointment for me in the individual WC. Everything seemed to be in good condition, feeling was even better than in the morning. During the first controls I realized that the race would be only running and route choices. Not good for me. My brains addicted to this idea and I just tried to leave the controls as quickly as possible (no brain activity…). My coach preached to me about this afterwards. And as I memorize, I find the reason: There wasn’t not even the slightest idea of doing the orienteering work when leaving the controls. My first principe (take the fastest route) was ruined again. I made one big mistake on 7th control (40sec) and almost after that on 9th (20sec). Some little mistakes cost some time too. But the biggest mistake that I didn’t think twice or more times. Ability to run straight towards controls is not the key issue on park- / city-orienteering.

Warm-ups during day for 1½ hours! It was a good day still (Mats was 3rd for example) and I had my lesson (I hope I learned it too).


10h 20min. 92,2km. A good week!