25/2002 Juhannus and Leimaus-camp


Jani's polter abend -party. Pictures are at e-coach's website (check my links).
We played also football during this great day. Football 50min.


Football 73min. I tried to travel to Parikkala (Leimaus -camp for young
orienteers) and it turned into a big mess :-).First I found one buss
connection from Jyväskylä to Savonlinna and I drove by buss to Jyväskylä
bus-station. Of course there wasn't bus going to Savonlinna. Improvise, says
Timo Joensuu always. Okey, so I did. I chose bus to Varkaus and thought I
could then travel to Savonlinna from there. I had my portable-pc with
mobile-internet connection (yup) and I was invincible...No no. Because there
was no free rooms in hotels I almost had to sleep on street, hehee. Fortunately
one taxi driver told me there’s a camping in Varkaus. So I decided to go there
and rent a room. “No rooms, only 3 person’s cabins left”, they said. I took it
and went finally for sleep.


Morning run 21min. Beautiful, cold morning and spectacular views on shores.
After running I started my final moving to Leimaus-camp.

I felt myself a little bit sick in the morning already. It got worse all the time and after I did my o-training in Oronmylly, it was certain; I’m sick. Despite that I had some duties to do. Autographs for about 500 (or was it 750?) young orienteers (750 total), price-giving ceremonies, interview and feedback concerning day’s training. That’s what I would like to do in the future! Not like I did in Oronmylly (to 100 people briefly and in a hurry) but with individual; it would be great to discuss with a young orienteer and help him to find his own way. So I ran a short o-training (4km) with good speed and with average orienteering (two mistakes, 40 seconds total). Some running after that.


Sicksicksick…and looooong trip to home, Vihanti. Three first hours were tough
but it was easier after that (traveling with Minttu). Trip took 11 hours because
train wasn’t running in schedule (mid-summer festivals, you know…) We were tired
when arriving in Vihanti.


Despite sickness (though resting heart rate was only 40-43!) I planned an o-training for Minna and me. Minna’s leg isn’t alright but she wanted to test it. We ran a short training in Vihanninkangas (very fast moraine (moran) terrain) with some orienteering challenges as well. 31minutes of perfect stuff.

During the afternoon we traveled to Yli-Ii, it a very small place situated northeast of Oulu. Our relatives were happy to get one of their best friends (mom and dad) to there and Minna and I were waited visitors as well. There's hardly any magnificent scenes near Ii –river but the river itself is something. There was also an ancient village “digged up from marsh”. We ran one little sauna-run (35min) there and spent a nice evening!
 Nice and smoothly


Just enjoying the summer (after the clouds left) for whole day. But in the
evening we wanted to make a long training in Vihanti. I drew a course on
nearest papa’s made map with OCAD. Minna orienteered and I just ran after
her. At the end I had one shortcut in my mind. Of course it went over a big
open marsh. It wouldn’t have to be that way, I just made a horrible direction
mistake (no map at all) and we almost circulated on marsh. Minna seemed a
little bit pissed off, so I had to try to find a way back to home. I localized
us and after that we had 15 minutes of pure open marsh left…yeah!!! I just love
it. 25 minutes on marsh-running at the end of exercise. 1h35min total.
 Long and hard


I was still sick and couldn’t do any training. I have entrance examinations
to university tomorrow so I don’t have time to train anyway. Reading has been
from somewhere again because of the World Cup and other important races. The
most important reason is still lazyness :-)


5:49, 52,km. Blaah.