24/2002 Three important races


Tired!!! One rest day makes miracles, I hope so.
 Minna&Pasi in Vierumäki


Football with friends. Easy playing with hardly any full-speed spurts.
Great goals with Jarkko & Antti. FOO 73’.

 Brasialian style of football


Eicca came and we planned my training future for this summer. Doesn’t seem
too good. Because of numerous races and trips it’s hard to make a basic
training session before European Championships and World Cup –finals. But
this training-session will take place in august, partly during our WOC 2003
training-camp. Lots of hill-running there and some hill-training afterwards
in Finland. Maybe that’ll help me in Hungary and Czech Republic..!

I also did a little stairs-training under coach’s supervision. Good training which helps me to get more speed when running uphills. I have to produce so much speed and power in a such short time that it feels difficult to develop me in that section. RUN 15’, STAIRS 15’ AND RUNNING 55’. Running (+stairs-running)


It’s time to compete again. Forssa Phone Games have always been a good race
for me. Detailed terrain with high speed is in my opinion one of the best
things in the world. After you know what......extremely flat marsh-terrain with
no objects at all and high speed….Like in Vihanti :-)

Okay, it was a good race for me. I caught Jo already on third control and it was easy to run with (or without couple of times) Jonne after that. Jonne made a different route choice after 2km co-orienteering and I got about 50m lead. I ran very well at the end and following men didn’t catch me anymore. I won the race, 41 sec before Jani and got huge amount of money (yeah, one expensive training-camp to south is now secured) ORI 21’ & RUN 41’. Forssa Phone games


It’s time compete again..PWT-race in Vierumäki. The surroundings of the Sport
Institute offered a good park orienteering terrain but this time the organizers
had thought the race should mainly take place in the woods. Terrain was quite
rocky and hilly. We ran paths and roads only for the first kilometre after that
it was running in forest with exhausted legs, huh. So it wasn’t exactly one of
the best days for me, but orienteering was okay.

I was 3rd about three seconds after winner Omeltshenko. Jani was 2nd 1,5sec before me. 4th Marius Bjugan lost only 0,1sec to me, poor Marius. But I got some back now, because in World Cup sprint (Switzerland) I lost only 1,5sec to 2nd place and 0,3sec to divided 3rd place (two guys had the same time)! So fifth place and seven WC-points fewer. But it was nice to have a clean run again! RUN 25’ & ORI 12’. PWT-race


Jukola model event with Heikki and Timo. Greens were shit (not spruce-forests)
but everything else was nice. There’ll be some undergrowth in the competition
terrain too…ORI 41’.
Football, easy. FOO 40min.


It’s time compete again…JUKOLA! Asikkala-Jukola has been in our thoughts for
a long time, would we win this year?? If everything Relay started very well;
Marko Vapa was perfect. He came just 48 sec after lead. Timo Joensuu was also
good (but made two mistakes which cost 3min). Keijo Parkkinen was right choice
for the long and demanding third leg. After 3rd we were in our way to win or to
near it. Heikki Nousiainen, a very fast runner and a good orienteerer hadn’t
his day. There were some slower ones with Heikki and the speed felt “almost
walking”. So Heikki decided to run away, but he made a big mistake. It could
happen to everyone. I don’t blame Heikki for this because this is orienteering!
Everything doesn’t go always as planned and failures are usual in our sport.
Teuvo Heimonen ran quite good and Timo Karppinen too. When I started position
was 14th over 10 minutes after lead.
The first controls didn’t go nicely but after that (and running away from
others) my orienteering and running were sooooo nice. Sun was shining warmly
and it was just 6 o’clock. What a feeling! Running in wilderness on my own and
doing excellent piece of orienteering, ahh. I caught two guys before the finish
and I needn’t exactly fight against them. I had couple of gears more this time
(this summer :-).We were 7th and I am satisfied. We will win this relay some
day I am sure about it. ORI 85’ & ORI 38’.



7:45, 76,5km. Just perfect.