23/2002 World Cup leader! Speed feels almost irresistible.


Morning run 22’
WORLD CUP II : 15,54km, 440m uphill. And I won! Unbelievable. Orienteering
was perfect until I caught M.Davidik and after that I made only few mistakes.
So I can be very satisfied with this win (1.09 min faster than 2nd, V.Novikov).
RUN 45’ & ORI 85’.

 World Cup II


Travel-day to Switzerland and I didn’t run at all. Little bit tired. Minna
and I walked on streets of Fribourg and what a nice city it is!


Morning run 15’
O-training at 11 o’clock, with very slow speed. I just wandered in terrain
(just like the mass start race should be on Sunday) There was a hard rain after
I finished my training, so I’m a lucky bastard like Minna always says. RUN 15’
& ORI 50’.


Morning run 11’
Two model events today, sounds too exact preparing, but I don’t care, I love
orienteering! And it’s not always preparing for some competition, it’s learning
& training (development) all the time. In the morning we ran model event for
relay and it was quite boring terrain. Model event for mass-start race was very
hilly and more challenging too. I played different games during the day for
about 2 hours (30min real exercise). RUN 11’ & ORI 40’ & VOL 30’.


Morning run was longer this time (maybe because the first man was Mats Haldin,
lover of hard and long trainings. Man who fears nothing.)We ran for 35’
and struggled with one big & slippery hill for long time. Nah, we are
going to be fast in the evening anyway. Man with big margin can be a winner,
but I (little margin) was…

…fifth anyway! I really did a good race compared to my last international (abroad) race in “park-orienteering”. I was about 29th in the first race of PWT last year. I made couple of little mistakes, but didn’t make mistakes at controls. RUN 70’ & ORI 13’. World Cup III


World Cup -relay and the last leg. I started with Carsten Jörgensen and I
wonder how can he read the map while he’s running so fast! I bet his km-speed
was near 4.00min/km during the first 500m in forest! I fought to keep my speed
fast enough but Carsten just kept on going. I have seen that this kind of
start won’t work for me. Orienteering isn’t safe enough and sooner or later
the mistake will come. No exception this time. I saw that the situation
was developing into direction that only I, Novikov and Buhrer would fight for
the win. After that I started to prepare for the last controls. And of course,
suddenly I wasn’t exactly sure where I was…I ran 150m too long and was
completely out of game. My coach (Eino Havas) said after the race: You can’t
get anything for free in orienteering , rude but true. RUN 25’ & ORI 41’.


In the morning I was tired and tried to think how to eliminate the unsure
feeling. This is always in a big role (but it is not so important!) after
failure. Physical feeling was still good and I decided to make things better.
To start cool and accelerate after that. Mass start is a pretty different race
than usual ones. I found it difficult (again) to maintain steady running with
others. I made spurts and spend my powers stupidly couple of times. 3 minutes
mistakes during the first of the three rounds is also too much. Second round
was almost perfect and I felt strong. 

The last round was shorter than the first ones and I started my heating up about 2km before finish. All the others ran easily with me. I made one own route choice, to the second last control! It was little bit faster and I saw Valstad there. He had been faster all the time but we almost managed to catch him before last control. At the end Jani was also stronger than me, but I could keep behind strikers like Mats Haldin, Micha Mamleev and others. Feeling was great at the finish and we celebrated the Finnish success for good! ORI 82’ & RUN 20’. Mass start


8:49, 89km. A good week from this point of view, too!