22/2002 World Cup in Belgium


I organized a park orienteering training for orienteers (mainly kids, BTW 69
of them!)in Lampinsaari. Building up three different courses and making the
map took about 6 hours. And I also ran courses once. After all the anxious
orienteers were out of the forest I played football with one little boy.
Hiking (walking and building up the controls and stuff ) 75min, ORI 14min
and FOO 32min.


Long night in the train (i couldn't sleep more than 4 hours) and training
started already at nine o'clock. Minna was waiting for me at Lahti train
station and then we drove to Hälvälä (Jukola in 50's and 1987). Terrain is
maybe typical of Jukola this year. Detailed terrain with lots of impressions
though this terrain was quite rocky and bushy=difficult orienteering. ORI 79min.

In the afternoon I was playing football on my own. Hot weather! FOO 40min. O-training


In the noon I had to make my personal best with football, 156 touches, wow.
We were shopping in Lahti and Minna had Jukola press conference.
In the afternoon we were running in Vähimaa (terrain typical of Jukola).
I ran 5,5km in 38mins (terrain was filled with new clearings, but the main
ground was good to run. I ran for 5 mins before/after o-training. FOO 15',
ORI 38' and RUN 5'.


We travelled to Belgium (via Basel). I felt lazy in the evening :-)


In the morning: 
Model event. Very dense vegetation and hardly anything to read. Perfect
terrain for me... One bigger mistake, 45 sec. Otherwise training went nicely.
Running after model-o. ORI 29min & RUN 11min.



Morning run 22min.
Qualifications for the short distance. Quite difficult terrain with a dense
undergrowth (fortunately blueberry). We knew already before the race that
it would be more difficult than the final. With basic speed and without
mistakes. Blaah, some of the control flags were almost impossible to see
until 10 meters before the control point. But I was careful enough to be
2nd in my heat. Gabor Domonyik was 5 sec faster. In the afternoon we played
a little football match (Ödum, Salmi and Ikonen won, Belgium lost 1-0…).
ORI 21min, RUN 47min and FOO 30min.

 Qualification race


Morning run 20min
Short distance final. 6km in 25-30 minutes…scary! But it worked really well
with me, I was leading the race before the third last control by 30 sec, but
made big mistake (1min) on third last. I was upset but then I noticed in the
finish that I was 5th. That’s not so bad after all! Good World Cup start
actually. ORI 27min and RUN 55min.

 World Cup I


Total 8h40min. 72,5km