21/2002 MC training-camp and Huippuliiga's sprint race


Morning: ORI 40' & RUN 5' Hiidenhuippu (wonderful terrain with bear footsteps all
over).Feeling was good and orienteering was easier than it has been whole spring.
Afternoon: RUN 15'+ 15x45-50sec /5-10sec recovery (road!) + 30min (short distance)
orienteering + 25'RUN. Seems like quite tough day (FC-long on saturday!!!) but it was
piece of cake.

 Afternoon's O-training (one break, stomach hurt)


Morning: ORI 30' with Maria R and coach-Eicca. Maria either me was running first
and the other one told him/her what to look from front. Nice different training!
Morning-After: PARK-O 15' (MAX 6', 4 x park-o-course)+ RUN 10'. HAAARD.
Afternoon: RUN 12' + ORI 16' (3,35km 15.47, 4.40 min/km) with maximum intensity...
Crazy training MO & TU; short tough trainings though FC-long was on saturday. 
 Afternoon (3,35km with 4.40min/km)


Floorball in Hutunki 73'. Easy playing.


Midday: RUN 34' with Jonne. Light stride!
Evening: RUN 20' + HL-SPRINT 2,4km 13.11. I won with Jani Lakanen (same time)!
20 sec mistakes. + RUN 15'. What a wonderful day..! 
 Sprint race


Morning: RUN 25' with Timo.
Evening: FOO 40' + RUN 10' in Oulu.
 Morning run


Vihannin Markkinat from 9am to 2pm.
Afternoon: Original Vihanti pain-forest. 15km of real stuff. Road 4km, path 3km,
forest (call marsh...) 4km and pure open marsh 4km. Feeling was almost perfect,
endurance is my bag, baby, yeah!


Some trick-training in Virpiniemi (we organized an adventure day for Nokia.
Nokia is one one of the main sponsors of SK Pohjantähti.) About 30min sports.


9:32h. Running: 92km. I'm satisfied, yeeaahh!
 Mobilia-sprint, 1st position!