20/2002 FC-long and quick recovery


Rest day.
Tired of World Cup -tests.


Short-O-training. Bushes and soft ground, typical Jyväskylä-terrain.
ORI 33min (5km)
 O-training in Jyväskylä


Day: School-sport day in Oulu. Two times 1km park-o-course and 5 times
bunching course. Having fun with kids! (RUN 20min, VOL 20min)

Afternoon: RUN 56min (12km). Marsh and paths, quite tough. From Vihanti to Lampinsaari, home village. Marsh- and road-running


Day: 2 hours map-making (HIK 30min,3km).
Afternoon: O-training near Oulainen. Very soft ground, tough to run.
ORI 44min (7km) and RUN 10min (2km).

 O-training in Oulainen


Day: RUN 71min. Round Alpuanharju, on paths and roads (15km). Feels great!



FC-LONG DISTANCE 25,8km: Lots of mistakes during the first lap (7,9km).
2nd (7,5km) was better orienteering but I was quite tired ( I ran too
fast on 1st lap). Last (about 10km) lap was of course painful again, but
at the end I realized that I hadn't used all my powers. So I should have
tried to fight for victory! Naa, next time...
Perfect recovery: sauna, massage, couple of beers and 10h of sleep!!!

 Only for maniacs!


Day: Football-tricks (FOO 20min) with exhausted legs...helped little bit
...in the evening: Short O-training (30min + RUN 10min) in Kontioranta
(near Joensuu). Legs were okay already. Recovery (from FC-long) has been
almost unbeliavable!

 Short O-training


Totally week was good. 8:35h training and 85km of running.
Next week: some real training (11-12h).
 FC-long and fresh ending (so called spurt)