19/2002 WC-tests, 15min mistakes


Football with o-friends, 75min (8km). I was lazy but efficient player
like Maradona at early 90s..


Very easy football-training 70min (6km). With Marko Vapa.


Running or jogging 50min (10km).


Running in Jyväskylä 69min (15km). Nice feeling, legs were light.
10km with Minna.
 Some road-running again


Football 33min(4,5km). I felt very tired.
Running 24min (4,5km). This was better...


Everything seemed to be in good shape...but I made 4½minutes mistake
at 3rd control. Unbeliavable...and one 40sec mistake after that. From 4th
control to the finnish I was 40 sec. faster than leader. But it didn't feel
good to finish this time!44th position. Orienteering 31min and running 30min,


Everything seemed to be in good shape. And was this time, but not till the
the end, arrgghh. I made one big mistake again 3½min and one near 2min. Totally
something like 7-9minutes and 8th position 5.54 after winner Mats Haldin. Now
I have to concentrate on o-stuff, because running is okay. O-race 101min and
running 24min
 Lots of heart beats during this race!


Not a good week for me. But it's okay to have troubles sometimes. Näistä oppii=
you learn from these.
 Week's total training