18/2002 Three races


Rest day (Tiomila boat-trip). BTW, nice gossibs could be spreaden out again

but this time I have to enjoy them on my own.


Cycling to map (Kytänkangas, fore-Jukola last autumn)10min + orienteering (low

speed) 38min + cycling 10min. Felt great! O-training


Running 17min

Running 15min + O-race in Tuusula 9,5km, 48.47. + running 15min. Petteri

Muukkonen would have won me by 15sec if the control would haven't be in wrong

place. Now I won by 51sec, but the results were disqualified. O-competition 1.05.2002


Hiking one hour.


Running on paths 50min, 10km.

Running 24min and stretching. Feels great! Morning run


FinSpring 14,3km 3rd place with 1.27.12. Winner Petteri Muukkonen was 2.21 faster

I made some crucial mistakes when approaching at the end and felt very tired.

4 minutes could have been taken out of my time. Not easily but could have been..

If and if...that's my mistake. But some day it will work always!


FinSpring -relay. Some little mistakes at early stage of race. I couldn't catch

the leading group because of mistakes. So I had to concentrate on taking the 6th

place (boring, BUT TOUGH JOB). I was 43 sec slower than fastest man on last leg. Mistakes

were worth of 2½min.


9 hours of good training. 
 Total training