17/2002 Warming up for Tiomila


Running on road 36min (one 1min break), 9km. Last 5km 19min. Feels good,

too good. Road runner


More road, now 15km. And some (5km)paths and forest because legs were tired of

running just on road.RUN 95min.

Floorball-game in Vihanti. Fast type of game and hard contact as well. That's the

way I like it!FLO 35min (total 1 hour)


Little morning-run 29min. Vihanti marsh-forest and some paths 30min 

+ very good massage! (by Tapsa Sipilä) HR


Running on grass 31min + 14min circuit-training. Hebe Nousiainen called and he had

some stories which infected me to stop the circuit-training... Running and some circuit


Running in Oulu. I felt little bit nervous (Tiomila) but running is OK.

RUN 58min, 13km.

Orienteering in Annalankangas (Haukipudas). Short (6km) training with low speed.

Good km-speed! O-training


Running in Surahammar with Juippi. 35min, 6,5km. Feels okay.

Official Tiomila-football. ½eSKo Pohjantähti beat Whole-eSKo by 5-1.35min FOO.


10th leg 1.23.35. Our relay went badly and my motivation was lost. But I ran

fast some parts of the course. I even could run away from Jamie S. But maybe it was

too fast because after that I made one minute mistake and hurt my ankle. So I had jog

the last 4 km. Next time...


Lots of easy running on road. Tiomila was a big upset.

 Total training